No longer available

Do you already own an older Magellan GPS (working or not):

bulletGPS Pioneer
bulletGPS 300
bulletGPS Blazer-12
bulletGPS 310, 315, 320
bulletGPS 2000, 2000XL, 3000, 3000XL, 4000, 4000XL
bulletGPS Trailblazer (green)
bulletGPS Trailblazer-XL (tan)
bulletGPS Trailblazer-XL (black)
bulletGPS Meridian (white), Meridian-XL (grey), Meridian-XL (black)
bulletMeridian GPS, Gold, Marine, Platinum, Colour
bulletAll Nav5000 models
bulletAll Nav5200 models
bulletAll Nav1200 models
bulletGPS Chartmate (both grey and black models)
bulletNav8500, 1000, 1000-plus
bulletAny & All DBR's
bulletGPS Tracker, GPS ColorTrak
bulletMap 410
bulleteXplorist 2/3/4/5/600 and XL

and would like to upgrade to one of the latest models?