Australia's Great Desert Tracks


Australia's Great Desert Tracks is a must have for anyone planning to travel into Australia's central desert region. Use of this software with a Magellan GPS will offer any traveller complete peace of mind.

Together, this software and a Magellan GPS will enable the user to view the desert tracks as a moving map. Showing not only their present location and their movements in real time, but also their destination.

Australia's Great Desert Tracks uses the same software technology as MapSend and DiscoverAus, but is a special map product of Australia's outback. Australia's Great Desert Tracks software is compatible with the MAP330 Series, Meridian Series, eXplorist 4/5/600's, the SporTrak Map, Color and Pro and the FX324 Map Color and FX324 Map. This product has been produced in conjunction with Hema Maps, an Australian mapping company that spent four years gathering the extensive data that has been used to make this useful new product.

Australia's Great Desert Tracks covers over 100,000 km of desert tracks, and it also includes an Australia wide base map with main roads and highways. Possibly the best feature of Australia's Great Desert Tracks is that it provides detailed information on some of the country's most famous adventure tracks including the Canning Stock Route, the Birdsville, Strzelecki and the Oodnadatta. Another remarkable feature of this product is that it is equipped with information on many points of interest. This includes practical places such as fuel stops, and water wells, but also includes sight seeing locations, historical landmarks, mines, caves and graves to enhance the travel experience.

Available on compact disc now.

- Upload/Download Waypoints as Text File or Excel Spreadsheet
- Upload/Download Tracks as Text File or Excel Spreadsheet
- Realtime Moving Map with GPS Input (View your position on the laptop map screen)
- Searchable Street Database

System Requirements:
Microsoft A$ Windows 95, 98 or later, 100 MHz or faster processor, 16 MB RAM or more, Serial comm port, CD-ROM drive, mouse, 256 colour display, Magellan PC cable with cigarette lighter adapter or Magellan PC interface cable. SD Card Reader required for FX324.

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