Meridian/Sportrak Accessories

No longer available

Nylon case with belt clip and velcro top flap XL size
Meridian, Sportrak - P/N MEXLCLIPCASE

Cig lighter power cable
Meridian, Sportrak - P/N MERP3


Cig lighter power and serial data cable
Meridian, Sportrak - P/N MGP12SER

Twist lock suction mount - Strong suction cup conveniently secures your Meridian GPS to the windscreen of your car, truck or 4WD. Mount enables optimal viewing of your receiver. Can be easily removed.
Meridian - P/N RAM-B-166-MA2
Sportrak - P/N RAM-B-166-MA3

 Screw down mount - Mount your Meridian GPS receiver on a flat surface. Securely holds your receiver for optimal viewing
Meridian - P/N RAM-B-138-MA2
Sportrak - P/N RAM-B-138-MA3

Handlebar mount - Conveniently mount your Meridian series GPS receiver on your bicycle or motorcycle. This easy-to-install mounting bracket securely holds your receiver for optimal viewing
Meridian - P/N RAM-B-149Z-MA2
Sportrak - P/N RAM-B-149Z-MA3


External Antenna - Amplify the satellite signal strength with the Re-Radiating Antenna, to ensure fixes at all times. Suitable for all GPS Receivers (with internal antennas) because no connection to the GPS unit is required. Requires an external power source, and comes with a cigarette lighter adapter.
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P/N RA50

External Antenna for Meridian Colour only
Small (about the size of a matchbox!), high gain, rugged, extremely low power (12ma) and low cost. Click here to see full spec sheet. Comes with right angle MCX or straight connector and 5m of cable.

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