DiscoverAus Streets and Tracks

A$229 - Is a CD ROM with Detailed Street Maps of the whole of Australia for the MAP330 Series, Meridian Series, SporTrak Map and Pro and the eXplorist 4/5/600's

Enabling tourists, motorists and outdoor enthusiasts to maximize the potential of their GPS technology, the DiscoverAus Streets and Tracks CD provides the capability to download highly detailed maps into your mapping capable GPS.

These maps include detailed suburban and country streets such as minor sealed and unsealed roads, 4WD tracks and trails throughout the whole of Australia. Rivers and Streams are also detailed, as well as 34 categories of Points of Interest such as caravan parks and police stations. Map sizes and regions are user selectable and can be customised to meet your needs.

Also create waypoints and routes and then download them directly into your mapping GPS receiver for use in the field or save them to your PC. Download your tracks from your GPS handheld to view on the Map. Helps plot your current position on the detailed map. Use the Search function to easily find your street, city, parks, airports and Points of Interest.

Searching for streets (or any other feature in the database such as streams or points of interest etc..) can be done either on the mapping GPS receiver or with the PC software and the PC route management features let you measure distances between waypoints and much more!

You will never be lost again trying to find obscure streets at night in badly lit suburbs or country roads.

- Upload/Download Waypoints
- Upload/Download Tracks
- Realtime Moving Map with GPS Input (View your position on the laptop map screen)
- Searchable Street Database

System Requirements:
Microsoft A$ Windows 95, 98 or later, 300 MHz or faster processor, 16 MB RAM or more, Serial com port, CD-ROM drive, mouse, 256 colour display, Magellan PC cable with cigarette lighter adapter or Magellan PC interface cable.

Some answers to a few questions:

The mapping data is much improved since the Mapsend Streets product. For example, the inland waterways are now coloured correctly. The data and maps are based PSMA Road data as of Dec 2002

SD card usage - It is possible to load all of Australia onto one SD card but you will need 234MB of card space. Alternatively you can just put portions of Australia. Approximate space for each state are:
       WA       39 Mbytes
        NT        13 Mbytes
        Qld       61 Mbytes
        NSW     56 Mbytes
        SA        26 Mbytes
        Vic       20 Mbytes
        Tas      19 Mbytes

Security, two GPS's coded to one copy of DAST.  Downloads to SD cards are now coded to the serial number of the GPS. ie the downloaded file and the GPS must now match for the map to be displayed on the GPS.

An SD card reader is highly recommended. See our SD Card reader/writer range here.

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