Hema Navigator 7
Onroad/Offroad portable navigator


$699 inc gst
Including bonus:
16GB memory card with
 1:25K NSW Topo maps
OZraster NSW
(rrp $99)
16GB memory card with
1:25K Vic Topo Maps:
OZraster Vic (rrp $99)
16GB memory card with
1:25K Qld Topo Maps:
OZraster Qld (rrp $99)

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The Hema Navigator HN7 packages Australia’s most trusted touring and off-road navigation inside a 7-inch finger-touch screen. Explore Australia with street and 4WD navigation, over 6000 camping and touring points of interest (POI) and brand new campsite photos that maximise the HN7’s large high-resolution display. 

7-inch screen with finger-touch display

Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI with Camps Snaps Photos

bullet High resolution 7-inch display (800x480px)
bullet Finger-touch screen means no stylus required
bullet New finger friendly EziOzi user-interface for simple 4WD navigation
bullet Over 6000 fully detailed Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI
bullet Over 2300 Camps Snaps site photos of camps sites and caravan parks
bullet Each POI includes facility icons and detailed site information

Preloaded with the entire Hema digital map collection

4WD Navigation

Trusted Hema 4WD maps 

bulletComplete Hema digital map collection preloaded
bulletHema seamless 1:1Million Road and 1:250K Topo maps
bulletHema New Zealand touring maps
bulletHema Navigator Explorer map viewer to install HN7 maps on your Windows PC for pre-trip planning


The Hema Navigator is the only GPS navigation system with Hema 4WD maps preloaded, backed by the unique mapping and updating process that Hema Maps has been perfecting since 1996. Exclusively featuring the entire Hema digital 4WD map collection, the HN7 covers all of Australia with base road and topo maps, state maps, regional 4x4 maps and national park maps

7-inch screen with finger-touch display 


The Hema Navigator HN7 boasts a large high-resolution 7-inch screen with finger-touch display, meaning no stylus is needed for typing, moving around the map and viewing content on the HN7. OziExplorer for HN7 is optimised with larger menu screens, keyboards and buttons to make what’s onscreen finger friendly too, so navigating to out-of-the-way destinations and going on off-road 4WD adventures is simpler than ever

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Preloaded with over 6000 Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide Points of Interest

Street Navigation

Premium street navigation 

bulletLatest HERE mapping for Australia and New Zealand
bulletiGO Primo street navigation
bullet2 years of free map updates
bulletPowerful new address and POI Search function
bulletTimed School Zone alerts


For driving around town, the HN7 has the latest Australia-wide street mapping from HERE in partnership with turn-by-turn navigation from iGO Primo. Intelligent features like speed camera alerts, multi-point routing and speed warnings simplify street driving, while navigating to out-of-the-way destinations is seamless with every Camps Australia Wide POI fully integrated.

Camps & Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI with Camps Snaps Photos 

bullet6000 fully detailed Camps Australia Wide and Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI integrated 
bulletIncludes Selected site images, facility icons and site information
bulletCamps Australia Wide Dump Points POI integrated

Discover Australia’s greatest free or low cost campsites and caravan parks with the HN7, using over 2300 site photos and over 6000 Camps Australia Wide and Caravan Parks Australia Wide POI integrated into the street navigation. Camps Snaps site photos offer a visual preview of campsites or caravan parks before you arrive, enhancing detailed descriptions, facility icons, road comments and contact numbers for each site. Find out if pets are allowed, if there are powered sites, whether big rigs are accepted and even whether there’s mobile phone coverage where you’re heading to plan the perfect adventure at low or no cost.

Street navigation on the Hema Navigator HN7 is provided by iGo Primo, with intelligent features to help you get around town.  Over 6500 Camps Australia Wide points of interest with facilities and site photos where available are integrated into the HN7.  Over 2300 Caravan Parks Australia Wide sites and dump points come preloaded with the Hema Navigator HN7. The Hema Navigator HN7 offers street navigation for driving around town, with data for both Australia and New Zealand. OziExplorer is simplified on the HN7 to make 4WD navigation uncomplicated.

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