Toshiba PocketPC
e740, e335, e750, e755
USB Driver Setup

You must run these instructions before you configure your other device settings.

1. Toshiba Driver Install:

For e330/e335/e740 users, copy filename: Click Here

For e750/e755 users (Pocket PC 2002 only), copy filename: Click Here
2. Now with the Toshiba PDA in it's cradle and connected, go to Microsoft Activesync and tap on Explore and paste the .cab file there.
3. On the PDA, goto Start > Programs > File Explorer and tap on the cab file. It will automatically install.
4. Do a soft reset on your Toshiba PDA by doing the following:

 a. Remove the PDA from the cradle.
 b. Turn the PDA off.
 c. Then using the tip of your stylus pen press the reset button, which is located in a small hole at bottom left of the pocket PC (next to the battery removal switch).
5. On the PDA, goto Start > Settings > System > Remove Programs
You should see a program: Prolific PL-2303 Driver
If you do not see this program, repeat steps 1-4.
6. Congratulations! Now the PDA is ready for you to setup a new connection.
7. Due to Pocket PC Internet Explorer browser limitations, some very large and complex web pages (i.e., will not load (i.e. Page Not Found). An alternative is a fully supportive web browser called Skweezer by Greenlight Wireless. Please try this free trial download software by clicking here: