CoPilot live Pocket PC
a complete portable in-car navigation system
for Pocket PCs

CoPilot Live | Pocket PC 6



Now available in Australia, the latest in handheld Navigation Systems. Combining the latest GPS Hardware with leading navigation software, CoPilot will get you from anywhere to anyplace throughout Australia.





Turn your Pocket PC into GPS navigation system with this complete solution featuring Dynamic Directions, Voice Prompting, Selective Routing options and Customizable Map Data areas. Also included a communications option, enabling two-way messaging, vehicle location and smart alerts. Available in three convenient packages:

bullet Pocket PC, Software, Maps and GPS - for those that need everything!
bullet Software, Maps and GPS package - great for those that own a Pocket PC but not a GPS
bullet Software and Maps only - add this to your existing Pocket PC and GPS

bullet Maps for Europe and USA- add these to your existing CoPilot software

bullet V6 Users Guide in PDF format - click here

bullet For sample screen shots - click here

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bulletEnhanced 3D map display with Moving Maps, and turn arrows that highlight the way ahead
bulletFinger touch menus and options screens mean you never have to use your stylus
bulletSupports Portrait, Landscape, Square and VGA displays
bulletCustomizable Routing Profiles give you complete control over what kind of roads CoPilot prefers
(highways, local roads, etc.)
bulletChange Voices on the fly between the included male and female or select from any additional voice
sets you have created/downloaded
bulletFully compatible with the Windows Mobile 5 operating system


bulletDynamic Route Guidance: Provides voice guided, turn-by-turn directions to any address.
bulletAutomatic Route Recalculation: Directions are updated every second. If you miss a turn, you get new
directions instantly.
bulletVoice Instructions: Clear, spoken instructions give you plenty of warning before each turn. Also announces
street names.
bulletBasic Routing Options let you easily select between Quickest, Shortest as well as offering a Toll Avoidance
bulletDetour and Avoid Roads: Gets you around unexpected traffic or street congestion and lets you avoid roads.
bulletPOI Alerts notify you when you're approaching service stations, restaurants or rest areas.
bulletNight Mode reduces glare and eye strain to improve night time safety.
bulletLarge Map Display combines a large map view with concise text directions.
bulletRoute-Over Highlighting clearly defines the route ahead.
bulletAuto-Zoom 2D map view options include current location to Next Turn or Destination - when selected,
CoPilot progressively zooms in on the map as you approach either your Next Turn or Destination.
bulletDriver Safety Screen toggles between an all-text display and a full-map view.
bulletCustomizable Display lets you decide which pieces of navigation information are displayed on CoPilot
Live's screen. You can choose among Current Road, Crossroad, Current Time, Speed, Elevation,
Nearest Town, Next Major Road, Time Left in Trip, Heading and Destination.
bulletWaypoints let you tailor your route preferences and allow you to pass through a particular area on the way
to your final destination.
bulletGuidance Mode provides voice guided, turn-by-turn directions.
bulletWalking Mode enables you to make the most out of CoPilot when on foot.
bulletPlanning Mode gives you the ability to pre-plan and optimize routes before driving.
bulletLane Change Warnings alert you to upcoming left exits, ensuring that you have plenty of time to safely
get to the proper side of the highway.
bulletSide of Street Notification tells you which side of the street your destination is on, making it easier to
locate the right building when you arrive.
bulletPick Stops from the map - tap and hold a road to add an address as a stop.
bulletRoute Optimization re-orders your stops in the most efficient manner.

Desktop Features:

bulletCoPilot includes a free Trip Planning application that can be distributed to any friends and family for use on their desktop or laptop PCs.
bulletPOI Import capability allows you to import and manage custom Points-of-Interest. Build your own POI
database from personal contacts, popular destinations, or third-party lists.

Live Features:

Powerful navigation features give you the freedom to explore. Real-time Communication gives you the peace
of mind that comes with always being connected. Live features are optional and are only usable when you
have a wireless internet connection on your Pocket PC.*

bulletText Messages sent from home or office to the vehicle include large, customizable, one-touch response
buttons to ensure driver safety.
bulletReal-Time Tracking of your travels by friends, family and loved ones over a secure Internet connection.
bulletItinerary Updates including new stops and revised destinations, allow you to coordinate changes to your
plans without having to pull over and enter new information.
bulletCommunication now includes Live vehicle tracking via the Internet (

* To use Live Features you will need a data service plan through your mobile phone carrier.