Crux View Test Application for the PocketPC
  CruxView is a compact application for the PocketPC (iPAQ) to test the BTGPS and verify its operation.  It also allows you to configure certain components.
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Crux View allows you to configure:
bulletWAAS settings
bulletPower Setting (Continuous or trickle modes)
bulletVerify NMEA data being received
bulletConfigure the protocol settings
bulletSet NMEA or SiRF Data receive
bulletProvide position information
bulletDisplay GPS Receiver status and satellite reception

Note: This tool can prove invaluable for the advanced configuration of the BTGPS and we recommend caution when using the tool to ensure the devices is correctly configured.  If mis-configured, you may find the device does not operate correctly and may need re-configuration.



Displays the saltellite reception and fix status of the GPS Receiver. Displays location and time data as well as position dilution and speed.


This screen provides the ability to re-configure NMEA and SiRF data settings. NMEA data output


WAAS/EGNOS configuration screen. Power configuration.