Hi Brian,

Just before Christmas I bought a Skymaster GPS antenna from you and I thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with it. Actually it's fantastic - I've used it with a Garmin 12XL under heavy tree cover in fog and torrential rain with practically all the visible satellites maxing out on signal strength. Most of the other GPS / antenna combinations on this trip were useless including another 12XL fitted with a Garmin external antenna!

I mounted the antenna on the top of the snorkel which is just clear of the roof line on a Landrover Discovery. I have the GPS hooked up to a laptop computer running OziExplorer (using AUSLIG digital maps and maps I scanned myself) and have driven in a variety of places and conditions with excellent signal levels. This includes through the concrete and steel jungle of Melbourne, costal areas where I usually get significant signal attenuation and in dense foliage.

You could say I'm a very happy camper :)

Regards,  Paul