OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software

OziExplorer is interactive, it allows you to work, on your computer screen, with digital maps that you have purchased or scanned yourself. By using these maps OziExplorer allows you to plan your trip by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on screen and upload these to your GPS.

With OziExplorer running and your laptop connected to your GPS, your GPS position is plotted on the map providing real time tracking ability (moving map). When you leave a map OziExplorer automatically changes to the next map

For our complete list of Electronic Maps that can be used with OziExplorer, click here. OziExplorer's Home page is here.

Main Features

There is a detailed list of features here

bulletUse maps or charts which you scan yourself.
bulletUse maps in various formats which can be purchased in digital form (BSB, USGS DRG, ECW, SID, TIF, PNG, + more).
bulletDirect support for most Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance/Eagle, Brunton/Silva and MLR GPS receivers for Uploading and Downloading Waypoints, Routes and Tracks.
bulletCreate Waypoints, Routes and Tracks on the map and upload these to your GPS (for supported GPS receivers).
bulletDownload Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from your GPS and display them on a map (for supported GPS receivers).
bulletSpecify permanent Map features on a map and attach a picture (or any other type of file) to each feature. Place symbols and comments on the Map.
bulletOver 100 map Datums supported.
bulletSupport for many Map projections and Grid systems.
bulletPrint Maps and Waypoint Lists.
bulletShow your GPS position in real time on the map (moving map).
bulletIn moving map mode OziExplorer will navigate you along your chosen route giving instructions when each waypoint is reached. Various parameters such as Speed, Course, Next Waypoint, Distance, CTS, XTE, ETE and ETA are displayed.
bulletIn moving map operation automatically changes to the next map.
bullet+ much, much more.