Hi Brian

Just a note to let you know how happy I am with the MK-4 Antenna I purchased
from you last month. As you know, I was on the lookout for a compact unit
which doesn't eat batteries that I can use in other applications than the
traditional 4WD Bullbar. The MK-4 fits the bill in my opinion. I have set it
up as a transportable using my Magellan Colortrak and the factory bracket
velcroed down near the Gear shift of my Jackeroo (where the standard helix
is near useless). Then I just velcroed the MK-4 as far forward as possible
on the top of the dash next to the centre front of the windscreen. From
there it reliably gets and keeps a solid lock pretty much anywhere I take
it. I also used it just walking around leaving the GPS in its carry bag and
putting the MK-4 on a suitable spot on my shoulder, etc. I was amazed to
find the MK-4 also works well when put behind the sun-visor of a 737 400 at
10,000 metres doing 890 Kph where it reported an EPE of 3 metres! Try doing
that with any other GPS antenna! Sure, I wasn't likely to get lost on a 737
but it well illustrates the power of the technology.

Yes, Brian, I am very happy with my new addition. When compared with a
simple passive antenna extension lead offered by Magellans for only a few
dollars less than the Mk-4; suffice to say the original equipment was simply
no match for the MK-4. (I now know why; the loss in the cable reduces the
passive antenna's effectiveness unless used in ideal conditions, which,
let's face it doesn't happen that often in the real world).

After considerable research on the Net, I think the MK-4 is the best product
on the market for application flexibility. Sure, if you want a fixed
installation on your 4WD then the brute force and 5 metre lead of an RV-16
may well be the way to go but, if you want a versatile active antenna for
use in multiple situations then I'd find it hard to go past the MK-4.

Thanks again and keep those innovative GPS accessories coming!