Hi, I have a picture you may be interested in putting up on your site. It is of my IBM Thinkpad on a custom made mount. The mount is actually in several sections, there is a short (15cm) stainless steel square section pole, the bottom of which is fastened with an additional bracket (not visible in the photo) to the forward right hand passenger seat bolt point. On top of this, a *slightly* larger diameter, but longer (35cm) pole that fits over the shorter pole. There is a flat sqare plate welded to the top of this longer pole. The two fit together, and are fastened in place with bolts and wingnuts, so are easily removed and refitted. The short bottom section remains in place. On top of this, is a two-part plastic mount where, the bottom is just a plain rectangular acrylic sheet (same size as the laptop footprint), and the upper is a custom made 5mm thick plastic seat with flanges bent upwards to hold the laptop in place, and also a larger flange at the rear to stop the LCD display from opening further when on bumpy roads (not visible in the photo). On the insides of this 'seat' I had some "fluffy side" self adhesive velcro to ensure a "press fit" when the laptop was seated in place. Inbetween the two plastic sections, there are six short (5cm) lengths of aeroflex (rubber insulating hose used to insulate pipes on large scale refrigeration systems) which is used for suspension. Only the two front rubber tubes are visible in the photo. Also (sort of visible in the photo) are two thin plastic sheets, one the right hand side of the laptop and the other on top of the laptop LCD display, acting as sun sheilds to ensure the maps are visible at all times. These were velcroed to the mount. Mind you, I had dark tinted windows as well, and this alone helped quite significantly with the viewing quality. The bottom plastic piece had various holes drilled in it to suit different viewing angles. (I had wingnuts holding it in place, not a swivel mount). In the photo, it was oriented to be viewed by the driver (when I was travelling alone), alternatively, I had holes drilled so the laptop sits farther to the right, (almost over the centre console) and pointed towards the passenger who would be playing navigator. All up looking at just over a couple of hundred dollars worth. Still cheaper than commercial units, and includes suspension as well. I have done almost 20,000Kms with this arrangment, and only had the laptop pop out of it's seat a couple of times. Mind you, on the inhospitable roads I was on (offroad), I would have popped out of my seat as well if it weren't for the seatbelt. Was quite secure on normal roads and well maintained firetrails. Ironically, when 4WDing, it had never popped out at all. The plastic seat was made to order (by drawing) by "The Plastix Centre" (Arncliff NSW) they did an excellent job in spite of the rough hand-drawn scetch I had given them. The pole was cut, bent and welded as a favour by an aquiantance who works in the shopfitting industry.